Do dry herb vaporizers work?

Yes, of course, dry herb vaporizers work well. Vaping through dry herb vaporizers are being considered to be healthier and safer. The herbs are being heated by convection and not by combustion. As a result, the white steam from the vaporizer is not smoke, but a vapor.

Before deciding the best pen vaporizer to suit your style, it is good to know the difference between a dry herb and oil vape.

In the dry herb vaporizer, the herbs are being heated for vaping.

While, in the oil vaporizer, the essential oil is being heated at a high temperature for vaping.

The working mechanism of a vape pen is interesting.

Actually, there is no necessity for a vaper to know about the working mechanism of a vaporizer.

All he has to know is, about the best selling vaporizers in the market.

But, gaining knowledge about the working process may surprise you and pave the way for a pleasurable experience.

So, in this article, I am going to explain to you the working mechanism of a vaporizer and why you should use it.


What does a dry herb vaporizer do?

The heating of the herbs in a dry herb vaporizer is by convection method and not by conduction or combustion.

Hence, the dry herb vaporizer is also known as the non-combustion dry herb vaporizer or the true dry herb vaporizer.

The vaporizer which heats the herbs directly by conduction is usually called a dry herb burner.

Let me explain you the term ‘convection.’

Through the process of convection, the herbs at the chamber or cartridge are not directly heated.

The power from the vape pen battery heats, the coil. This heat gets transferred to the herbs and thus does not char them.

To be more precise, the herbs are not burnt but cooked, while the steam is being produced.

Many people mistake the steam for the smoke. But, it is the vapor with the essence of the herb.

This vapor contains fewer toxins and does not cause health risks like that of smoke.

One example of the best pen vaporizer is the yocan evolve d dry herb vaporizer. Whereas G Pen Nova is the best weed pen.

Wondering, how to fill evolve d dry herb pen?


It’s simple.

First, You just have to on the power button.

Now, remove the mouthpiece from the pen.

Grind the herbs you need and load them into the pen.

Leave some space for air and close the mouthpiece.

Your vape pen is ready to have a puff.

And, If you are a beginner of vaping, then you could try the jaguar dry herb vaporizer.

The usage of jaguar dry herb vaporizer is simple and similar to the previous one above.

The only difference between both is the mouthpiece of the jaguar dry herb vaporizer is magnetically held while you have to turn the mouthpiece of latter clockwise and anticlockwise to close and open it.


The reason for using a dry herb vaporizer:

Smoking results in health hazards, some times leading to death.

Vaping is being considered to be better than smoking as the vapor from dry herb vaporizer is cooler than smoke, contains less toxicity.

This does not mean vaping is healthy and completely safe.

Some people use herbal vaporizer pen for medicinal benefits. They use medicinal herbs like thyme and peppermint to get relief from pain, depression and eating disorder.

In this case, it is one hundred percent healthy.


Risk of using dry herb vaporizer :

On continuous usage, the weed vape pen is harmful to one’s health.

Anything which contains nicotine or cannabis is dangerous to health.


If you use the dry herb vaporizer once or twice a day, then it is acceptable.


Should you see smoke when using a vaporizer?


The white steam from the dry herb vaporizer is vapor, which is aromatic and contains flavor due to the essence of the herbs used.

They are not smokes.

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