What is better, dry herb or oil vape?

Both dry herb vaporizer and oil vape are the results of advanced technology. However, dry herb vaporizers are better than oil vape as they give more quality taste than the latter. The dry herb vaporizer produces less waste and they work by convection heating.

Vapers, in today’s world, have more options in the vaporizer, to choose.

I have listed them for you.

  1. Dry herb vaporizer
  2. Oil vapes
  3. Wax and concentrate pens
  4. E-juice vape pens

Due to the various types of vaporizer, you may be in confusion about purchasing the best pen vaporizer.

But, Don’t worry.

Here, I am going to differentiate them and also, mention the best vape pens of 2019.

First, let me start with the differences between vaporizers.


Dry herb vs concentrate vaporizer:

The dry herb vaporizer uses the dry herbs for vaping.

Whereas, in the concentrate vaporizer, the concentrates are being used to get the flavor.

The dry herb vaporizers are being preferred much, as the aroma from dry herbs are stronger than the concentrates and alteration in heating temperature is possible.

Also, I could see the dry herb vs concentrate Reddit users agreeing to the same.


Dry herb vs oil vape:

Here the dry herb vs oil vape Reddit users has mixed emotions.

If you consider convenience and portability, oil vapes win the cup. A cloud vape pen is an oil vaporizer which uses the concentrates during vaping.

But, if the strong aroma and satisfaction is your first priority, then you should choose dry herb vaporizer.


Cartridge vs dry herb:

Cartridge vaporizer contains the concentrated oil of cannabis.

The working style is similar to that of the concentrated vapes and is being preferred when portability and convenience are important. However, the mechanisms of loading herbs are simpler than a cartridge.

When you look into the difference between e-liquid and dry herb vaporizer, the e-liquid vapes use e-juice for vaping.

So, when we evaluate the vaporizer based on the user preferences, dry herb vaporizer wins the title.


Are dry herb vaporizers good?


Due to the convection heating in dry herb vaporizer, the active ingredients in the herbs are being cooked, and not charred.

So, the vapor produced is smoother and cleaner as it contains less toxicity.

Hence vaping is healthier than smoking.

Isn’t it great news?


Now, going back to dry herb vaporizer.

There are two types of dry herb vaporizers available in the market.

They are desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

Some of the best dry herb vape pens of 2019 are:

  1. Arizer Air II
  2. Atmos jump
  3. G Pen Pro
  4. Mig Vapor pro 50 combustor


Are vaping herbs safe?

Before rushing to question “is vaping herb safe?”

You should know the different types of herbs used in the dry herb vaporizer.

If the medicinal herbs, it is good.

But, herbs like tobacco and cannabis are harmful to continuous usage.


Can you put tobacco in a dry herb vaporizer?

Of course, you can use tobacco in a dry herb vaporizer.

If the leaves are big, they are being put in a grinder and made coarse.

Vapers stuff this powder in the chamber of the dry herb vaporizer and by convection heating, the vapor produced tends to be flavourful and less harmful.

The Davinci Miqro is the best vape pen under $150. While Xmas Starry is the best dry herb vape pen under $100.

You also get a discount when you buy vape pen online.


The difference between a wax pen and a vape:

Many a time we tend to interchange the words ‘pens’ and ‘vapes.’

Now, let me tell you their original meaning.

Wax pen is nothing but portable equipment which uses wax as the material to vape. It is small, sleek and easy to hide

It is easy to grab when you are in a hurry.

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